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Our Story

Started by Abdul Elenani in his college years during 2013, Cocoa Grinder is more than a coffee shop. It’s an idea that for the hardworking individual of today, convenience is everything: why shouldn’t you have your specialty cup o’joe and healthy meal in the same place? Perfect for the person on the go, or the busy individual seeking to get some work done, Cocoa Grinder offers the perfect environment to enhance your daily grind or take a well-deserving break from it.

Our coffee

Unlike most coffee shops, we roast our own coffee to ensure quality and flavor so that a better brew ends up in your cup. We support local farmers overseas by sourcing the beans directly from their regions. In a small farm in Chiapas, Mexico, we grow some of the best decaf you’ll ever taste. From bean to cup, we make every effort to ensure our coffee exceeds standards.

Serving up more than coffee

Our mouthwatering selection of health-conscious menu items will have you want to try more than just our flavorful coffee. Equipped with a kitchen staff, we serve everything from delectable burgers and protein shakes to freshly-squeezed juices. And if your sweet tooth is aching, satisfy it with one of our cheat meals.

At Cocoa Grinder, we know how the daily grind can get, so we do the heavy lifting to make it all available to you.




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1618 Ave M 

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6823 3rd Avenue 

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711 Nostrand Avenue

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